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About K9 Tire Shine

It was frustrating to wash, wax and detail our personal sports car only to have our lovable Chocolate Lab proceed to immediately "mark" our beautiful, freshly dressed tires and wheels as his "personal territory".   And not to mention the frustration we experienced when the neighbor's dog decided to do the same thing.    So we searched the local automotive detail product retail outlets and the Internet for a solution to our problem.   

When we came up empty handed and when our searches confirmed that many other people were experiencing the same problem we decided to develop our own solution. After thorough and rigorous testing of multiple formulations we finally achieved success with a high quality, high performing tire dressing product that contains a combination of high grade silicone and natural pet repellent compounds that provide a beautiful, long lasting tire shine along with the exclusive capability of deterring an animal's natural instinct to "mark" the tires and wheels as his personal territory. And K9 Tire Shine was invented !

Mark YOUR Territory . . . . with K9 Tire Shine . . . . a unique , patented product that is so effective it comes with a money back guarantee!*
(*Liability limited to replacement or refund of original purchase amount with proof of purchase.)

Clean Cars and Safe Pets

We are focused on not only keeping your automobile clean, but also keeping your pets safe and away from dangerous chemicals in other automotive products that may be harmful to them. Learn more about what makes our product unlike any other tire shining formula on the market today. We are committed to offering the best in customer service and quality.

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